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  • egypt elects: morsi & Shafeek (commentary)

    who is your president

    who is your president

    Looking at the results coming on the live blog of ahram ( http://english.ahram.org.eg/News/42755.aspx ) & jazeera (http://blogs.aljazeera.net/liveblog/Egypt ) or just open tv and watch CBC /Hayat / ontv …. it seems that Morsi is in the lead (YALAAWWWAAHIII !!) and Sahfeek second place ( how the duck ? ) and hamdeen in third but again this is not the final results !!

    so it seems run off though would be morsi vs shafeek, and people are worried that morsi would win, but people think about it this way, I believe that morsi would still loose in the run offs, becuase think about it all of hamdeen, amr mousse, shafeek votes will automaticall go to shafeek, and abo el fotouh vote would be split and morsi votes will remain the same which means majority goes to shafeek !

    secretly i am wishing hamdeen will come on top of shafeek, then the run offs becomes between hamdeen and morsi ! I think hamdeen might have a better chance of winning because he is one of the people

    Okay right now i am so mind fucked i dont know what to think any more ? should i prepare my visa ?