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  • Eb3at, hateksab, Hatozbot: Win Goodies with TODO


    I’ve often spent many a late night at the office with TODO as my only sustenance and subsequently formed a loyalty and dependance on those addictive little cakes.

    Apart from filling my sugar cravings, TODO has also been very much on my mind thanks to a competition that combines three things I love: sweet treats, taking photos and finding unattainable happiness around me.

    The 'Hatozbot' competition asks Cairenes to snap a photo or video of something - big or small - that puts a smile on your face and upload it via a TODO phone app. The happiest entries are awarded for their sunny outlook on life with all manner of prizes every week - you can win anything from a PS4 to an iPad Air.

    But there's more; the overall winner will win a pretty sweet grand prize - a Mini Cooper.

    For more information and to register the TODO Hatozbot competition app, checkout the official TODO Facebook page or click here. I'm off to take photos of happy things.