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    Well another week and other news … here are the headlines of the news

    - If i am not mistake the Constitution was supposed be drafted by end of this month, or something like that ? with that being said,i am not seeing any headline in the news papers on this, with the exception of some chatter here and there about protest against the islamic dominent members ? whats happening with that exactly i have no idea ?

    - #AUC continues to strike, the Administration actually took down the gate and now students can just DRIVE all the way to middle campus, and some of them already did that, showcasing the lack of security on campus. I was very anti the demonstrations but then i found out that the student union collected over 3,500 signatures supporting it, which is more than half of the university populous. Another thing i came across appearantly while university has increased the tuition they also cut down their cost by for example closing down a number of the bathrooms on campus, by reducing the number of pages Carvan newspapers get printed on, so where is the increase getting spent on ?

    - “ Egypt home to 490 ‘ultra-rich’ individuals”:  according to a report by a Singapore based company Egypt has the second number of Ultra Rich people in Africa with a networth of the 490 equal to 65 Billion, number one in Africa is obviously South Africa ( read more in the Ahram article here)

    - Egypt’s administrative court, keeps the parliament out: Basically they overturned the appeal to over rule the dissolution of the parliament that took place in June

    - As reported last week in the news, Turkey is giong to invest 2 billion USD in egypt, in this week news we have more specifics where turkey is keen to invest in the Egyptian energy sector ( read more here in the Daily news article here )

    - Mobile Taxes:   So the minister of finance suggested last week that we have a tax of one piaster per minute on mobiles as a way to increase the government funding. But because in Egypt we probably have the lowest mobile rates in the world, guess who will pay the taxes, it will be us. the users. All telecom operators has expressed their disapproval of this. To be honest i am not sure if its such a bad idea. I mean we as a country we dont pay that many taxes anyway, so the government has to start collecting taxes from US on way or another, whether its the RealEstate tax that was proposed last week or mobile taxes ? what do you think