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  • €1 Billion Lawsuit & 500,000 Petition Signatures for Ramos’s Punishment


    Over the past few days, Egyptians waged an online war on Sergio Ramos through different social media platforms.  Hilarious memes, videos and puns were created to show support for our injured player, Mo Salah. But who thought it would lead to an actual change? You might think it’s just a wave that’s only going to reach the shore, but it’s a tsunami destroying everyone that stands in its way.

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    Shortly after Mo Salah’s injury, a guy by the name of Mohamed Salah Abdel-Hakeem, created a petition on change.org -“UEFA & FIFA should punish Ramos for intentionally hurting Mo Salah.” The petition has been signed 500,000 times, and that number is increasing every second.  Another Egyptian, the lawyer Bassem Wahba, filed a €1 billion lawsuit against Sergio Ramos for inflicting physical and psychological harm on the Egyptian King, and negative psychological effects on Egyptian people.

    One of the remaining questions is whether or not Sergio Ramos will survive the backlash from Mo Salah’s fans. Also, there is the question of whether or not FIFA and UEFA will actually decide to punish him or not.

    By Adel M. Fakhry