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  • Dude, where is my drink ?!


    So you know how on the news we heard about them limiting the intake of alcohol to only one bottle… well apparently its a way bigger story than that !

    Egyptair makes a lot of money from duty-free shops of which according to rumors 70-80% comes from alcohol sales. When that new guy that took post ten days ago closed down all of egyptair duty frees outside of the airport, and also limit the personal limit to one bottle from the airport, he basically screwed the economy not saved it because essentially EGYPTAIR DUTYFREE won’t be making enough money. Which means it won’t be giving it to the holding company, which means holding company would making a loss and egyptair in turn would make a loss.

    Now according to the rumors and expectations (i.e. no fact has been confirmed) , after he limited the alcohol consumption how are they going to plan to make up for the loss …. take a guess …. INCREASE TAXES ON LOCAL ALCOHOL !!!! which means that wine that we buy from 80 L.E. might become 150 (or 100) or who knows what !!!

    The worst part of it is, because there is no parliament now and if the brotherhood takes over… sorry scratch that… WHEN THEY TAKE OVER, they will not revoke this law!!!

    So right now the owners of the alcohol importing company are all trying to meet with Kimmie Ganzoury, even people in Egyptair to try to revoke this before the parliament takes over.  and by trying i mean they are already in talks …. at least thats what the rumors says !!

    from another point of view, the black market will shut down, as they won’t have sources to get their alcohol from as there is no more duty free shops outside of the airport, so what you will end up having on this none-existant black market the bottles reach phenomenal prices !

    So technically speaking he didn’t stop alcohol but he is just making it extremely expensive to drink…. which would lead to an even worst problem THE RISE OF DRUGS !!! thats why hash and other drugs came to the rise in the 70s when they banned wine and beer from the sport clubs (such as Gezira club, Shooting Club) etc …