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  • Ducks & Dollars: The EGP Crisis Explained by Mohamed Henedy


    Egyptian actor Mohamed Henedy is one of the funniest national celebrities on Twitter. Just follow him. Seriously. Today he had the Twitterverse dying with his hilarious tweets to a fan asking for an explanation to the current EGP crisis we’re in, and funnily enough, his anecdotes actually make sense.

    Here’s how it went down:

    Amr Taha wrote: “I need someone to explain this pound floating business in slang please because I don’t understand all this financial terminology. I mean, try to explain it to me, say, if we had a plate of koshari and you took a spoon of it, etc.”

    henedy dollar crisis 1

    To which Henedy replied: “Your village has a shortage of ducks, a duck now costs 500LE, but along comes the village chief, who sets the price at 20LE even though he doesn’t have any ducks in the coup.”

    henedy dollar crisis 3

    “Then the chief decides, in order to let people buy and sell their ducks as they please, to not fix the price per duck and let the villagers decide how much a duck should cost.”

    henedy dollar crisis 4

    “This explanation was sponsored by Khalaf el Dahshoury [his character in Sa’eedi fil Gamaa el Amrekeya].”

    God bless you, Mohamed Henedy, you funny man, you. And god bless Egypt’s ducks.

    By Samar El Shams