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  • Duckie’s Essentials

    Duckie's Essentials

    Here are the things I think are essential to each and every one of us. Or just myself. If I was a human.

    I’m bad with intros, so here are Duckie’s essentials (and yes, the Grammar for Dummies should be replaced with Photoshop for Dummies. God knows I need it):

    1.  Flask: In case of emergency, break open flask

    2.  Grammar for Dummies: I hope to one-day smack a grammar Nazi with this. If your only contribution to an online conversation is to correct someone’s spelling/grammar then you’re probably just making up for your lack of substance or useful contribution

    3.  Quentissentially: Makes life so much easier. This is not a sponsored essential

    4.  Smartphone: Ducks are naturally shit at time management. Before I started using this to organize my time, I’d schedule 5 meetings at the same time and stuff of the sort. This saves me now

    5.  Trojan magnums: You know what they say about big fins ;) (false advertising btw)

    6.  Bartending book: Whoever said that change is bad is a ridiculous idiot. Try a new drink every week and get creative with them

    7.  Passport: It is essential to NOT use this as much as possible. Our country is has so much to offer yet we’re constantly looking for beauty and adventure abroad. Explore your own country first and you won’t be disappointed