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  • Duckie says DREAM !


    okay now sure what duckie on, but he sent this post in the middle of the night last night !!1 DREAM ON


    Dreams aren’t meant to be small. They aren’t meant to be “realistic” or easily achieved. They aren’t supposed to just slightly surpass mediocrity. That’s why they’re called dreams. That’s why we dream in our sleep, in an alternate dimension, where our thoughts and aspirations aren’t restricted by laws of physics or by people telling us it can’t be done. Dream of being the first Egyptian in outer space. Why the fuck not? You think Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong said “Nah, there’s a reason it still hasn’t been done. Who am I to be the one to change that?” Dream of being the next Richard Branson, the next Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Jordan, even Lady fucking Gaga for all I care. Find your passion. Find your dream. Pursue it. I’m not gonna feed you that whole dream for the stars and reach the moon bumper sticker bullshit, but seriously, dream big and you’ll achieve big. Maybe not as big as you’d hoped. Maybe much bigger, who knows? But unless you dream big, you’ll always stay small.