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  • Duckie ! Rock the 2013 !


    Following up on what fishie said, 2012 is just a number, as is 2013, and the change in these numbers does not signify any real worldly change. That being said, 2012 was a weird-ass fucking year. I’m not gonna get into Morsi and our political situation because one of my two drinking rules is that I don’t talk about politics while drinking, and let’s face it we’re all drinking a lot these days, therefore no politics for me.

    Fuck. Was just gonna get into Obama and Romney before realizing they’re politics. Ok, so screw recapping 2012 since the first shit I think of is politics. Oh, actually one of the things I really liked about 2012 was how Prince Harry, bless his royal playboy soul, reminded the world how people are supposed to party. One of the things I hate about modern “rockstars” is how they’re so un-rockstar-y; taking care of their public image and all that shit. Prince Harry is the true rockstar, and we should all strive to be more like him.
    This started off being very directionless but now I know where I’m getting at. I don’t have time to write more and you don’t have time to read more, so here’s the final word:
    Tonight, don’t party like a rockstar, party like a royal playboy. Have a drunken night full of debauchery to celebrate this meaningless change in numbers. Have an amazing night that you won’t remember tomorrow morning, and I’ll come up with something better in a few days when we’re all slightly recovered.