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  • duckie: on “pretentiousness and superficiality”


    I just read Fishie’s journal entry and I would love to add on to it. Similar to Fishie, I’ve been spending some time outside the country, taking a break from our beloved bubble. A few days ago I was at a fantastic show and I thought to myself how great it would be to have such productions in Egypt. A minute passed by and I changed my mind completely. While trying to think of how great it would be I started to imagine people waiting to see who comes in through the door, who was able to get the best seats and invitations, who’s wearing what and talking to who. I started sensing the pretentiousness that comes with our bubble and I hated it. I just wanted to watch the show, sip my drink and enjoy my time with no social distractions.

    It’s no fucking wonder so many people are leaving Egypt and heading out.The pretentiousness and superficiality of it all can sometimes be too overwhelming. Thankfully there are people who don’t give two shits about other people and those are the people who make our bubble tolerable. They provide the balance that makes going out not too much of a chore. For the rest of you, just fucking enjoy yourselves. You’re big fish in a small pond. It’s not a great accomplishment so get off your fucking high horse.
    All that being said, with people who are so involved in the scene speaking out against it, or beginning to criticize it, like Fishie in the journal post and Timmy in the post about the annoying ass dude at the party (refer to scenario) what is happening to us? Or has this always been an issue and have people only began to become vocal about it? Seeing as you’re all fish in this pond I speak of, I’d like to know what you think about all this bullshit we’re talking about.