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  • DUCKIE: Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone! | #AUCStrike

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    Building on what Fishie mentioned earlier, AUCians have finally stopped their strike! An agreement has finally been reached between the university administration and the student movement. If you haven’t been following, a bunch of students had locked down the New Cairo campus in order to pressure the admin to reduce the tuition increase (7% annually) and it’s finally paid off. After a week and a half off (which I would’ve liked to been informed about beforehand; I really could’ve taken the time to do some traveling) the administration and the student movement have finally come to a compromise they both think is adequate.

    The main accomplishment of the strike is that the 7% annual increase in tuition has been reduced to 2.3% for the next 3 years. There have been some other by-products such as “increased transparency”, increasing student representation in academic operations and some similar bullshit we’ve all been fed before. I have a feeling most of the students are pretty happy with this accomplishment, except of course for those who are graduating who do not benefit from this and now have a week and a half to make up for. Regardless of how I feel about this as someone who just wants to graduate, I have to admit it has been a tremendous success.

    Oh, and one of the results of the strike is that students should be invited to supervise job interviews with new faculty. Now that’s something I’d definitely do for laughs! I’d have a few of my own questions prepared though (I like to see how people respond to awkward situations like being asked if they’ve ever participated in a devil’s threesome during a job interview) (that’s totally besides the point, you can ignore that).

    I forgot to mention that classes resume tomorrow. And I probably should’ve made references to Another Brick in the Wall throughout this post seeing as I used it for the title and used the album cover. Oh well..