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  • Do you really need education?


    There is this theory going around town, where people do not need to go to universities, they don’t need to work from 9-5, they can do what ever they want through life and live off a job that is on minimum wage or something like that.

    I say BullCrap!

    Of course you can live through life just doing what you want which is let it be an artist etc, but that is your personal choice. Imagine if the whole world followed that theory, how would we come up with new inventions, innovations.

    Take that simple plane that we travel with and discover new places. Do you think the people who invented the modern airplane, did not go to university? What about the car?

    Fine maybe these are not important and we can travel the world atop of a donkey, what about recycling plants, who do you think came up with the ideas of these?

    Maybe you don’t need university per say, but there needs to be some sort of education. But then again where else would you learn about nano technology, and also have a research centre to practice it. Good universities typically have a research centres.

    I honestly believe what we need is more research centres! And you get paid to do research! That should be jobs they make available in egypt! And more readily in the world! How else would we as a civilisation evolve.

    The idea of going back to simpler world before capitalism taken over, before we all became part of the “system”. Is definitely worth it, but people shouldn’t include education as part of the system! As education could be your ticket out of the system