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  • DJ Review & Interview: Aly B

    on very rare occasions, i review a dj, and by rare i mean R.A.R.E , but this is a review of Aly B, that also led to me picking up the phone and asking him four questions, which became a mashed up interview.  I think one of the reasons, why i also feel comfortable being able to review Aly B, is because i believe he is mentally stable (for the most part) and able to take criticism or whatever would be thrown his way in a constructive way….. but the problem as FISHIE i have no criticism.. p.s. you can catch Aly B this monday in the SIAC privileged party in Ritmo ( http://cairogossip.com/ritmo-resurrection-siac )

    but the rest of the Animals in the CairoGossip Animal kingdom are divided, some think he is GENIUS (Fishie included) others think he needs to connect with the crowd more playing commercial music.

    That idea of playing commercial music really got me thinking, i was like why commercial, how would he separate himself from the rest if he doesn’t play his own tune, on a global scale, people go to listen to DJs because they know what to expect from this DJ, and because they like his music. I mean if you go to a Tiesto party and then be like hey Tiesto beih momken blease to blah some music like David Guetta… !@#!#!@#?!@#

    no you go to a party because you are going to listen to the DJ you know, and that you have heard before and know his style, because you love the DJ, if you want commercial music, then well there are plenty of places in cairo that play commercial.

    For me Aly B is a genius, because he didn’t fall to public pressure of playing generic commercial music, but stuck to his own sound and educated the crowd with new music, last night i heard a remix of Madonna’s Like a Virgin, which was absolutely not commercial in my head it felt like it was garage, i don’t know but it was just genius, and to play a track with that tune takes GUTS !! SO ALY B FISHIE SOLUTES YOU !

    okay so before i wrote this article i wanted to make sure Aly B is actually on the same page as Fishie when it comes to commercial music, or is it just my luck that i go to his parties and he plays those awesome underground tunes !  and well here is the mini-interview


    what do you think of commercial house music ?
    not my cup of my tea, every genre has its fans, i can’t condemn a genre !! the genre is every changing,  commercial music in the 70′s was Led Zeppelin, in the 80′s Madonna, at our current time i am not really sure that i like what is being called commercial music.

    would you play commercial ?
    i wouldn’t play commercial because its not something that moves me, its not something that makes me happy, i don’t personally enjoy it, so i can’t play something i don’t like, DJ is a form expression, an art, and my DJing expresses me and my sound.

    what if the owner of a club asks you  to play commercial ?
    then i will thankfully reject, there are other people that play this stuff, everyone knows my music, if someone asks me to play, they should know what to expect.

    what is the genre that you play ?
    i am not into labeling, i just play what grooves and what moves me!