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  • Did You Know You Can Eat Loofahs?


    Given that when loofahs are advertised they always seem to be mixed in with random ocean paraphernalia, we don’t blame you for thinking that they come from the ocean. 


    I mean, come ON! 


    They do kind of look like a cousin of coral plants…..


    However, the ocean is NOT where our favourite shower-time exfoliators come from.
    They are actually dried-out gourds that grow on vines! Crazy, right?


    But did you also know that they’re edible?! 
    If harvested at an early stage of development, the gourd– which is actually related to cucumber and watermelon plants –can be eaten, as it’s technically a fruit! (But its similar to the tomato, in that it feels like a vegetable.) 

    Luffa-veg img_0171

    Once fully developed, the gourds are dehydrated and the skin is peeled off to reveal the fibrous part we use in the shower. (Don’t try to eat that kind….)



    Here’s a vegetarian-friendly recipe for stir-fried loofah and eggs. It actually looks good enough to…..eat? 

    Mind = Blown

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk