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  • depression state of mind ?

    Are you depressed ? do you think khalas the ikhwan are officially going to take over ? you know what, so do i !

    do you feel if you go vote, your vote is useless … because they will rig the vote anyway  ?

    well guess what, that is their tactics ! call me naive  (which i am), they want instill fear in you. They want you think like that. so that you get afraid from voting in the first place .. so they dont have to resort to actually rigging the referendum.

    So dont fall for their trap! go  vote and let them RIG IT.. WE GET PROOF .. give it to the judges who then can default the the elections…

    i dont know why i feel our country will eventually saved by our judges ! and if you are still feeling down look at this 

    so tomorrow no matter how you are feeling ? how depressed you are ? how long the queues are ? how cold the whether is ? ensure you cast your vote… not because its your right… but because its your effing duty !