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  • Define: Politics

    What is politics

    What is politics

    I hate politics! Simply because politics as the word is literally define, is an art where one tries to make people gather around his view.

    Typically the game of politics, is played dirty. Yes, i said a game because lets face it, it is indeed just like a game of chess. Only difference is chess you play with wooden pieces, politics you play with human beings.

    And in the latest Egyptian revolution, guess what we are the chess pieces, we are the human beings, being played with.

    Right now, what ever the political landscape of Egypt is, it doesn’t represent me. Not because i am afraid of parties being cut down and alcohol and all that, i could honestly care less for that. It doesn’t represent me because Morsi, is not a person he is a group of people, Shafeek might appear to be a single person but he is backed by another group that is SCAF, none of which represent what i want.

    What do I want ?

    well, for one I want equality, equality that doesn’t judge based on Gender, Class or Religion. The word class here is important because we always were ruled by SCAF and only SCAF benefited, and well gender & religion, well that is a clear reference to Ikhwan.

    I would love to see that government encourages to become better on economical level. We have vast resources yet we don’t use. Do you know how much the advert of 80 years of Egyptair hurts me. It basically says we are the first airline in the Middle East & Africa and 7th in the world. It makes me wonder what the *F* happened to us, why are we not better than Turkish Air, Emirates, Qataria ? if we had the head start. And you know what i did research, more like Egyptair inflight magazine should it to me itself. When Egyptair wrote down its history in the magazine of development you would have noticed between the mid 80s- till the mid 2000s there was no signaificant development [surprise surprise that was when Mubarak was ruling ]

    I want a real solution to our traffic problem.

    I want someone to create a fast train between 6th of October and New Cairo, connecting those two new business centers together.

    I want someone to develop sinai in the a logisitics hub that makes Dubai’s and Turkey’s hubs look like ants.

    I want someone who can lead us Egyptian into a new era of Research & Development, i want us to become CREATORS again, not followers

    but sadly all that wants is useless because we chess pieces are stuck between a 40-50 year old fight between the Miltary & Muslim Brotherhood. None of which really cares for how to improve the country, even though they can fake it very well! All they care for is POWER!

    So secretly, which isn’t a secret any more, if a second revolution happens that can cleanse both of these powers and a TRUE leader that actually cares about our country emerges i wouldn’t mind and would support this second revolution. A leader who doesn’t play the “Game of Thrones