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  • Dear Lufthansa, I hate you!


    I have been flying since I can ever remember, I am a Star Alliance gold member, Emirates Gold Member, also recently signed with Bristish Airways executive club.  I think I flew the majority of the airlines, I flew British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, Turkish, Egyptair, Virgin, Ryan air, Easy Jet, etc. So you get the point, I pretty much know my way around airlines and their planes.

    So recently i was booking a long haul flight and thought maybe i would go for Lufthansa, as they have good transit times. Anyway so if you know the airline world, you would know there is different kinds of classes even within the economy, so if I book an economy K, it is different than Economy Q, different than Economy H, eventhough it might be the same seat but these different classes that you can do different thing with your ticket, like for example have different cancallation policies on it, or be able to change the date with no fee, or just upgrade your ticket.

    So i booked my ticket with lufthansa via online, as everything nowadays is done online, however i discovered when i was i doing it online there was a certain route not appearing, so i called the call center, and they found the ticket for me! I Was like YIPPIE i got the ticket, i explained to the girl the class that i want, etc.

    Anyway so after the booking was done and I paid for the ticket, it came to my surprise that the girl booked me at the wrong class, within economy and for me to get the class i wanted with in economy i needed to pay an additional 600 Euros, had i known about this info before hand i would have never booked the ticket, So i told lufthansa they have two options, either cancel my ticket for free or you guys pay for the mistake of the booking agent and do the upgrade for free.  So yea they didnt want to do free cancellation, they wanted to do a charge, which i didnt want to accept at first as it wasnt my fault! Anyway after 3 days of negotiation, I was finally able to cancel my ticket with lufthansa.

    So why do i hate lufthansa, well for one, i spent 6 hours on the phone with them over international calls to try to sort the problem, and most of the response i got from them initially was oh we know we made a mistake, but we cant prove it, email customer service and they will sort it out. Which i did, I would like to tell you that alufthansa answered me 2 weeks after i sent my email of complaint with my problem, saying they are looking into my issue and they will get back to me, and until now they havent. But it doesnt matter because i cancelled my ticket. My probelm with lufthansa was the customer service it was so shit! this is talking about the call center in berlin that is.

    But I would like to say the local lufthansa office was so much helpful than international office, so if you ever decide you want to fly with them, always contact the local office only, do not BUY ANY TICKET ONLINE, DO NOT CALL THEIR INTERNATIONAL CONTACT CENTER.

    So obviously after such a shit treatment with lufthansa, i opted to cancel my ticket with lufthansa, because I just felt like if this is how they will treat you from before you fly, then how will they treat you in the air, or if i need to make any changes to my ticket while i am abroad. So I changed the ticket to another airline.  But as i was angry lufthansa i went to my facebook to ask people what they thought of them.

    Some people said good stuff, but a lot of people complained about the plane that flies between Egypt and to Munich/Frankfurt/Berlin, saying that a year before the revolution they switched the plane to a smaller less feature one, where even the business class, is just the regular economy seat with an empty seat next to you.