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  • Dawggie: “on Drugs”


    So lately everyone’s been getting high like there is no tomorrow. Walk into a party and you’ll find people acting as if it were 21st of December 2012 next week. Highs ranging from weed, coke, E, MDMA have been taking over the night life for a while but now it’s more than ever. Reminds me of the night-scene in Egypt 6-7 years ago. Yes, we’re all aware that every country has its nightlife and drugs in a parallel relationship but with such a small community and small party-goers, drug abusive party crowd it is almost impossible to leave it unnoticed. Stand in the men’s room for example, you would find the urinals empty, but everyone queuing for the cubicles, and we know why they are queuing and its not for a number 2. What is even odd, is this phenomena is not only in one off club nights, but even takes place in bars

    Recently we have done a survey on drugs and here the results we have gotten from 112 entries.  Obviously this is not representative of the whole scene, or of Egypt as this is a small segment, but none the less it is interesting