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  • Dar al-Iftaa Campaigns Against Trendy Hashtags Khaleha T3anes & Khalek Fe 7odn Omak


    After a war ensued between supporters of some controversial hashtags, the likes of, Khaleha t3anes, khaleek fe 7odn omak, and khaleh ynkared; Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta is set on extinguishing the war by offering a more sound and fair solution to the parties involved.

    On Tuesday, Dar al-Ifta started an online campaign with the hashtag “Yassero” – which translates to ‘make it easier’ – one that is aimed at all parties concerned to stop making marriage an impossible task in Egypt.

    What makes marriage impossible in Egypt is mainly because of how parents have over the years constructed traditions of expensive flats, jewellery, and everything else that has to be bought by the groom. All of this has been done to ensure a safe and prosperous life for their child.

    While the overprotective parents assume this would grant their children a better standing among their social circles and protection from getting poor, they are in turn making it harder for their children to marry the ones they have chosen to love forever. More so, they are even generating hate, resentment, and sexual oppression between the two genders.

    Dar al-Ifta has stated on Twitter that they are urging the parents to make the marriage conditions easier, and asking people to support the hashtag and follow it.