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  • Dan Healy 7 Essentials


    So Dan Healy is coming to Cairo this Wednesday, to kick off the DANCESTOCK in Cairo Jazz Club, with Aly B ! We got the change to feature him in our essentials, but before we go into that. Who is Dan Healy

    He is London based international DJ who plays everywhere from China to Cape Town, also produces remixes with 2 others under the name Metronyz and has built a career going from party to party with his energetic live sets and musical knowledge!  I have heard him twice before in Cairo and every time i did… i got BLOWN AWAY !!

    here is one of his SETS,  here’s where you can find some remixes he’s done with 2 of his  friends under the name Metronyz - http://soundcloud.com/metronyz.

    1. iPhone 5 - Has everything I need for work and play, gives me something to do when I’m travelling, and has a pretty decent camera on it too. If it didn’t cut out around 5 times a day it would be the perfect phone.

    2. Book - I always try to have a book with me, currently I’m struggling through one by Stephen Hawking called The Grand Design. Started again for the third time last week.. Might buy a new book at the airport.
    3. Sunglasses - Because it sucks not to have a pair with you when the suns out, and also excellent for the early flight home when you haven’t been to bed yet! Be warned wearing sunglasses on a plane may make people think you are either famous or a douche-bag.
    4. Beard trimmer - I love having a beard, mainly because I always hated having to wet shave everyday. Get yourself one of these babies and you’ll be looking sharp with minimum effort.
    5. Cockscrew - Everyone knows how to open a beer bottle with a lighter/spoon/table edge, but without one of these babies you’re not getting to that wine now are you. Mine just happens to be attached to a leopard print brief wearing Daley Thompson (Olympic gold medallist). No idea why.

    6. Macbook- Has all my music, movies to watch while travelling, Ableton if I need to make a remix or a mix tape when i’m not at home, you name it I need this laptop for it. Could not do without it.

    7. Boomerang - Ok so it’s not really an essential, but a friend got it for me recently as a gift from Australia, and I still haven’t been anywhere I can throw it! I figure if I keep it with me the time will come..