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  • Curfew in Cairo: What’s Open, What’s Closed During Curfew Hours


    As Cairo braces itself for a weekend of likely curfews, there has already been panic surrounding that essential thing of eating and drinking. Most of the city’s restaurants, bars, cafes and shops were closed throughout Wednesday, others have began to tentatively open their doors with adjusted operating times. Here’s what’s open and when:


    Metro Supermarkets 24/7 (This may vary branch to branch)

    Alfa Market 10AM-6PM

    Seoudi Market 10AM-7PM/8PM

    El Ezaby Pharmacies 24 hour delivery (=(19600)

    Lucille’s 8AM-midnight

    Lettuceat 10AM-5PM

    Sequoia 10AM-6PM

    Left Bank 10AM-6PM

    Grizzly Diner 9AM-6PM

    Dishes 8AM-6PM

    La Trattoria 12PM-5.30PM

    Mori Sushi 12PM-5PM

    Maison Thomas 8AM-4PM

    Pub 28 12PM-6PM

    Makani 24/7

    Wel3a 24/7

    Blackstone Bistro 12PM-midnight

    Thai Elephant 1PM-midnight

    Ahwak Salon de The 9AM-6PM

    Last Order Fast Food Delivery

    McDonald’s  5PM
    Hardees 5PM
    KFC 4.30PM
    Pizza Hut 5Pm


    Mall of Arabia 10AM-5PM
    Dandy Mall 10AM-5PM
    Sun City Mall 9AM-5PM
    Citystars CLOSED

    Page will be regularly updated. We urge everyone to stay safe and keep to the curfew.