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  • Cross Religion Relationships


    Where as in Egypt, there is a 10-15% of Christians, however on the scene it seems as much bigger number. For some odd reason me and kitty have more Christian friends than muslim ones, could be because drinking is more acceptable within the christian community than the muslim one.

    But this post isnt about the numbers of how many christians vs muslims. This post is about cross religion relationships.

    For some odd reason and I really can’t figure out this out… but

    Muslim boys dont find Muslim girls hot, they are always attracted to the Christian girls,

    Christian Girls, do not find Christian boys, they like Muslim boys.

    Christian Boys, same… love em some Muslim girls.

    Muslim girls… love her some christian boys.

    I know this might be an over generalisation, But is it me or is the fact that the raise of cross religion relationships increasing. Like right now I have over 5 couples friends who are of mixed faith. Where as i am all for inter-faith mingling and all that, but the question that always comes up in my head, why are they going out together? Is there a future for this relationship, they know they can’t get married. Especially in a country like Egypt where there it is big on parental approval. In some rare occasions you do actually end up going to a wedding of a Muslim boy with a christian girl.

    But seriously in my head i am asking why? why are they going through something if they know it might not end well? Is it because they know there is no future in it, so that the fear of commitment is not in it so it makes it more desirable?

    p.s. kittie a muslim girls does always for some odd reason end up attracted to christian boys… why ya kittie? why kidda?