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  • Duckie Ponders on Critical Thinking


    The biggest problem with our education is the lack of critical thinking. I know that to aucians this is simply the common ingredient in all our course syllables, but it’s really much more than that. Children are spoon fed information like it’s an absolute truth and are taught not to question it. To me, this is the most significant cause for why we are where we are in the world. Why we are followers, walking in the footsteps of modernized developing countries, several feet away. Hell, calling us a developing nation is a compliment we don’t deserve. We aren’t developing, we’re copying. And we’re not even doing that right because we’re “7afzeen msh fahmeen”.

    Back to the critical thinking. No child that is taught not to question things will ever become a great contributor to the modern world. It is the person who looks at how something is done and asks “Well what if it was done another way?” that is a contributor. That is the person who develops and innovates on both the new and the existing. That is what developing nations require to develop and exceed, not only catch up. That is what we need in order to get out of the shadows of others and create our own light. But no. We will continue to hear educators telling children not to ask stupid questions, and that all they need to know is what’s written in their books. We will continue to exist in the dark, feeding off the lights of others, until we are capable of formulating worthy and original thoughts of our own.