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  • Crazy Dutch Guys Develop World’s First E-Joint


    With e-cigarettes already quite the craze, a Dutch company has gone one step further by developing the world’s first e-joint – the E-NJoint, to be exact.

    Available in six different flavours, the mad scientists behind it claim that, like e-cigarettes, it’s 100% harmless and, more importantly, legal. It’s already available across Holland – as well as a select few places in Belgium and one in France – but how other governments will react to the product is yet to be seen.

    As of now, only the disposable version is available for purchase (for 8,95 €), though a rechargeable version is set to hit the market soon, with the company claiming that 10,000 E-Njoints are being manufactured a day.

    Check out the official E-Njoint website for more, you stoners.