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  • Coke on the Coast: Coca-Cola is Taking Over Sahel with Ice-Bottles


    If, like some kind of red mirage, you spot a Coca-Cola sign along the North Coast in the next month, you should follow it – and follow it fast. You see, because the folk at Coke are just as enthusiastic about Sahel Season as the next restless Cairene, they’re taking to the beaches along the North Coast with some rather rad activities to help you keep cool and satisfied in the only way a carbonated soft drink can in the sweltering Egyptian heat – but one particular thing has holidaymakers excited:  the Coca-Cola Ice Bottles.

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    If you happen to be on beaches in Marassi, Hacienda and Hacienda Bay, taking a time out from your tanning session will get you a rather unique heat-combating treat in the form of Coke bottle made out of 100% ice.

    Available for purchase on weekends, it’s a unique quirk that brings new meaning to keeping cool in the sun. As simple as it is brilliant, each ice-bottle has been moulded into the same shape as the classic Coke bottles, with an added rubber band for grip – so you needn’t worry about cold hands.

    For more information, click here.