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  • COCA#5 : Dude, where is my tent-entertainment ? Tentainment ?

    picture is from daily news egypt website

    picture is from daily news egypt website

    Fuck this ! ramadan is so boring ! and hey just to add the cherry on top, where when cairogossip  use to take live pictures of people dancing with a drink in their hand, now its live pictures of people sitting down, pretending to have fun with a shot of karkedah in their hands woohoo !!!

    There was something i remember about tents zamman, they use to have more entertainment, is it me or am i the only one who remembers tents 10 years back that use to get like professional singers! we use to have nawal zoghby flying in for sohbagia tent, amr diad .. what ever happened to that ! What ever happened to proper tent entertainment ?

    I have to say the quality of entertainment over the past decade has degraded !

    so i want my entertainment back ! i want to sit down and have that feeling in me that i want to CLAP my hands ! I want to go to beirut ! I want to feel that my fingers are happy while snapping and taking pictures !