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  • COCA: The Egyptian Minorities, Who are they? (Arabs, Armenians, Nubians, Berbers, Copts


    The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Egyptian minorities, is the Christians. That is because they are the biggest Minority in Egypt. but the fact is, Egypt has a lot more minorities in it.

    Take for examples the Arabs. When i say Egyptian Arabs i am talking about the Arab origins one, you probably are thinking The Sina ones. Well yes . But what about the ones that live in Sahel, and Marsa Matrouh.

    This summer in the beginning of it, I got the pleasure to interact and talk with an Arab Egyptian from the people of Matrouh. He told me he was originally libyian, but when the brits divided the land, they sort of became part of Egypt, and it wasnt until like late 60s they started getting the Egyptian nationality.  He explained his mating and marriage tradition  { i have no idea why he thought i will find that interesting }. He also talked about  how the previous government has made it almost difficult for them to work, they couldn’t get licenses to open companies that grow in size, most of their licenses are just for SMBs (Small to medium businesses). They cant get jobs in government. Combining does factors he said was probably why they traded more into drugs. He explained because shafeek represented that old government they voted for Morsi.  Morsi went down before elections and sat down with Matrouh people and talked about their pains and promised them to help them out, while maintaining tourism.  { for their sake i hope morsi keeps his promise and it wasnt an empty campaign promise }

    Then you have the Sina Arabs, i mean would you be surprised by the Sina Arabs loyalty to the mainland ? For years and years we kept them under developed. At least the previous regime did intentionally. why ? I really dont know why ? but Sina as a vast land had potential for more growth yet its kept uneducated and undeveloped ?

    Then we have the berbers, the nubians, the Armenians, who as a community went from a 5 digit figure (10,000+) in cairo to a 4 digit figure (4,500+)!! i was talking to a friend of mine who told me that more than half the Armenian community probably left after el Thawra, and ikhawan taking over.

    Whats the point of all this. Well there isnt. Other than just people, we are not living here alone, we have others with us, we have to start collectivitly thinking on how to help the country. Just like for example we as a scene, are literally a minority of Egypt. Granted this scene might have the “money” but still we are a minority.