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  • Coca-Cola Brings World Cup Trophy to Cairo


    There are few things that Egyptians love more than football and Coca-Cola; our beloved Egyptian national football team haven’t qualified for the World Cup since 1990, but the guys behind that sweet, dark nectar of sugary goodness are throwing us a lifeline, bringing the FIFA World Cup Trophy to Cairo!

    Landing at Cairo International Airport tomorrow morning - first-class, of course - the most prized possession in world football will be the centre of attention for three busy days of charity, media and private events.

    It's all part of a global voyage that will see the trophy touch down in 88 countries in total, over 267 days. The tour is currently in Jordan and will move onto Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco after we've all feasted our eyes on it.

    The three-day Cairo tour will end with a day devoted to fans, where winners of Coca-Cola promotions will get the chance to get up-close and personal with the trophy, as well as a huge event that will features some very special guests.


    You can find more info on the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour website.