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  • COCA #6: Originality

    say what ?

    say what ?

    Today’s coca’s is coming a bit late at night, due to the fact that its not easy to make up shit out of your ass.

    But this topic has been something on my mind for a few days now. Originality. We lack it!

    Lets face it, even me. Not so original, i was born after Gossip Girl TV show, Scene & Heard blog, and Amy Mowafi’s Fe-mail diaries , i might have re-invented the wheel a little bit by removing anonymous comments, making it Facebook and different content. So back to wheel reference, re-invented but i haven’t created it. Contrary to popular belief.

    Also PR in egypt, its typically always the same, when you go to a launch of a venue, you go to the same tired guest list of the event, with hardly any new thing. Also platforms we PR on, really not that much.  Eventhough I am NO  PR person, but sometimes i dabble in with friends, and always advise to do one thing. GO OLD SCHOOL. FLYERS. THROW AWAYS. is so much more effective than social media and the same guest list of people.  what happens is you invite the guest list to your opening but just to try to maintain that guest list to come all the time is almost impossible.

    Actually there is one thing that i saw was original in the past year. DiSalata.com  .

    oh yea and of course our egyptian revolutions. but we egyptians are stupid we did the revolution but never kept going with it and now we have Morsi as president and Kandil as PM!

    I always wondered if we egyptian are so great at creating adverts, ramadan is the point! { pepsi advert is excluded, that is a disaster }  why dont we copy the west in one thing, why dont we have advert space in bathrooms ? catered for women and men ?

    Also another thing that i find some what original is https://www.facebook.com/shagaraNGO project the build trees on rooftops! you might say hey they do this in Switzerland and London , i will say in switzerland they have rain !! we need to find environment ways to get water up to the roof, without having it make the water drip through the roof to the floors underneath

    Again… i am waiting for something original, an invention that shall shock me ?

    p.s. did you see the advert for zuweil research center ? is that worth donating to ?  like would it really help ?