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  • COCA #4 : TEMPTATION !! tempt me my temptress !


    PUSH IT !!! PUSH IT !!!

    oooh she has been a bitch tonight. and by bitch i mean this temptress is a fucking bitch she knows how to tempt you!

    so in ramadan, we always get tempted to do crazy stuff. Like i get tempted to go to Sahel, its so nice now with the masses away from it. Dont fast there. Enjoy my tan. and just chillax. I have seen a lot of pictures from friends uploading pictures of sahel. the beaches, the alcohol. the pools. it all looks so good with out the masses.

    Maybe even i am tempted to go to gouna !  but the thing i have realized on the scene that we are in, we have a lot of christian friends… or at least i do.  So forget about being tempted to go Sahel or Gouna !  what about when i am in cairo and receive a call from a friend at 12:15am inviting me to a undisclosed birthday party (non-muslim so they dont really have to fast  (jealous) )  in a undisclosed location in east cairo.

    I was like almost yalla bina !! its been like for ever that i was fasting then. then i realized shit its only day 3!

    Well this Ramadan, i will try to avoid all temptations fast all days. avoid any temptations… by the way one of my temptation is weight loss hence why like two ramadans ago  i might have skipped a day or two, towards the end.

    and here we go almost done with day 4!!