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  • COCA #1: Fuck Clarity!



    COCA is short for Chronicles Of a Caffeine Addict. I.E. Fishie’s Addiction

    today is the first day of fasting, and i already said the F word, Shit! …. oh i did it again! But today its also a very weird day for me.

    I woke up with this certain clarity, i am not sure what it is, but my head is clear. Wait could it be … i woke up with no hang over! no alcohol in my head from the night before! woohoo so now i finally understand clarity. Sadly though two hours after i woke up with this clarity kicked in the MIGRAINE THE HEADACHES!!! i need COFFEE!!! I CANT LIVE WITH OUT COFFEE !!! OMG MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE … well implode then explode! but who cares COFFEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have no idea how i had energy as a kid with out coffee, i cant even imagine life with out coffee and i also just dont see the point why dont they make coffee as important as vitamins ! If there was more coffee in the world there would have been less wars.