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  • cityscape -> next move -> where is Palm Hills & NewGiza?

    for everyone who watches the real estate industry, knows that there is one event per year that is important, and for egypt that is CITYSCAPE EGYPT – NEXT MOVE !

    typically, each year you have all the giants exhibiting, but i can’t help notice that on the website that there is No NEW GIZA and NO PALM HILLS


    It could be because of marketing budget cuts, or it could be because they are over sold or no new project to announce ? but its just an interesting question that came to my mind when i thought of it,

    while speaking of new giza, did you know that they have now a Facebook page click here to find it


    anyway back to the exhibitors of cityscape … you will find from the Giants, SODIC, CITYSTARS, and Orascom are all exhibiting

    either way its worth checking it out, whether you bought a house, or still in the market looking for one,

    here is the schedule of when it is taking place for full details check out CityScape website itself http://www.cityscapeegypt.com

    Monday, 20 February: 12.00 – 22.00
    Tuesday, 21 February: 12.00 – 22.00
    Wednesday, 22 February: 12.00 – 22.00
    Thursday, 23 February: 12.00 – 20.00