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  • Chronicles of a Caffine Addict #0: Bitch Please !

    like seriously talk to the hand

    like seriously talk to the hand

    This is my diaries. You do realize i had to get google to help me how to spell diaries, i always though its spelled dairies, but that apparently that is milk. oh well same shit, you guys should be used to by now my horrific spelling and grammar.

    So as ramadan, we are suppose to be Truthful. Not lie. Be humble. Say it like it is.

    You know all year round, i say everything is BEAUTIFUL, the world is flowery ! and all that bullshit that i pull out of my ass.

    Well this ramadan, and as tradition of three years coming ! i will say it like it is !! you know why! because when i dnot have caffeine in my system i am fucking bitchie !

    So first off i am PISSED AT RAMADAN ! its so effing selfish! i mean come on does it really have to come in summer ! like can’t it just never fall in the months of June/July/August!

    Why am i pissed ? well for the simple reason, i only loose weight in summer! and i gain weight in Ramadan, so ramadan is fucking with my weight loss schedule ! like seriously !

    But while i am on BITCH PLEASE. The 3 Year anniversary of CairoGossip is coming up ! and i expect a lot of presents bitches !!  and as of 3 years of promoting this scene and helping it grow, and helping every single organizer, promoter, blogger, photographer and everything. Yes i am actually going to take credit for the first time and say the word I because bitch you know its true!! I am expecting HEAPS of presents! I expect all your organizers to get together and throw me a hell of a party !!! I AM TALKING GET ME FUCKING LADY GAGA // MADONNA THROW IN SAHL HASHEESH ! non of that sahel bee2a shit, and none of that gouna common stuff

    oh p.s. in gossip world turning 3 is a big deal its like turning big 3.0. which i ain’t so far from!!!