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  • Christmas Party UPDATES!

    First of all i am revealing the art work of some of the parties, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

    Electrum Records Winter wonderland


    To get on the strict guest list of this party on taking place on the 22nd of December you can just simply call this number 01285760119 , BUT BE WARNED JUST because you can call it means that you will get accepted on the guest list, and remember when you enter this party everything will be in white, so electrum records shall be bringing you a white christmas in the egyptian barren desert.

    The Terrace XMAS PARTY

    Well other than providing fantastic Entertainment line up starts with Jazz Band performing live your favorite Christmas songs, followed with the stunning and talented Shymaa Sharaff singing your fav. western music hits alongside DJ Ramy & DJ MadLou. The Terrace would be providing a scrumptious menu … see below :)

    go on the 23rd with an outfit that would last you from noon all the way till night because this party is starting from 2pm all the way till night :)

    Reservation & Inquiries: 010-68888391

    A Tamarai SWAG christmas

    Tamarai is hosting THE SWAGALICIOUS CHRISTMAS special with their resident DJ Lyon Avakian Featuring DJ Brooklyn E on December 25th, 2011. As if this wasn’t enough, they are serving FREE BEER & WINE ..
    ** oh, and they are having in the house PIC ME Booth, professional Photographers and Stylists who will work on your personal and unforgettable photo shoot .
    For reservation: 0122 456 6666

    The Night B4 Christmas


    The Snokeflake invites from the “4 organizers” has started distribution tonight !!! and the last snowflake is to be given away, so make sure you hurry to secure yourself a SNOWFLAKE!  now to get a snowflake you must know of one of the 4 organizers !


    the infamous one by Diwi And Aguizy, well the only way you can find information or get on the list or do anything with this party is to know one of the table heads, basically same reservation system as it was done with the Halloween, this is taking place on the 23rd of december at night

    The Christmas Fever 4th edition Party 

    A party that is focused solely on the fun factor taking place on the 25th of december.  It takes into consideration that people have spent a lot this year, so the tickets are priced moderately at 350 L.E. with free buchon! check the info below from the event

     Its time for the 4th annual Christmas Fever event at the Fairmont Heliopolis Yasmin Hall by Rawy Rizk where you leave all your worries at the door!  The bar will be powered by none other than the Amici bartenders bringinkg you the best cocktails with the holiday spirit. The event starts at 9pm and won’t end till the sun rises so put your party shoes on and let’s have some fun! And if everything else isn’t enough, DJ Fiko will be on the decks making sure you’ll be on your feet all night long!

    Regular Tickets : 350 LE with open cocktail bar
    VIP Tickets: Only 10 VIP Lounges, each lounge takes up to 10 ppl max
    The lounge is for 4500 (450 each) includes a bottle of black label and a bottle of vodka as well as appetizers
    Free bouchon for everyone!
    For Reservation call 01003443731/ 01005509948