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  • Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management

    take care he is pointing the finger

    W e egyptians love SIT COM, we loved friends, we love “2 and a hal men”f until sheen left it for whatever reason. Now his new show that he has be tweeting about religiously has started !!! Anger Management ! how is this relevant news to cairo …. because kittie loves Charlie Sheen, Mr. Designer adores him, and they tried to get the #WWCSD what would charlie sheen do twitter hash tag up ! other than that charlie sheen is the role model of also every drug abuser, and lets face it we have a number of those on the scene :)

    take care he is pointing the finger

    The show starts with Charlie looking at the camera and screaming at it as if he was screaming at the ex producers of 2 and half men, but really what he was doing is talking to his Anger Management group. Charlie, who is playing as Charlie, is a psychiatrist who heads an anger management group, and whom he himself use to have anger issues.  As usual, Charlie does what he does best, he has a lot of women he dates, he has an ex-wife and surprisingly a daughter. Now i wont get into to much details in order not to ruin it for you !!! but the show was definitely worth the wait.