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  • CGuides: The Best 5 Diving Centres in Egypt


    It’s time for a change! If you’re starting to have enough of the partying and the Sahel vibes, then just head to the Red Sea and dive through the blue heaven! It always feels like you’ve left your worries up on the surface and dived into the peaceful void of space. Hence, we’ve decided to give you a list of the best places, and people, who will help you embark on this great adventure.

    1. Scuba Scene

    Scuba Scene is located in Marsa Allam, and is by far one of the best diving centres. It even organises many events outside Marsa Allam. In fact, it has a new diving trip planned for the end of the month in Abu Galoum and Ras Mamlah.

    2. Bdiver

    Bdiver is a community on its own, and it has a large number of diving addicts. They help you explore beautiful Egypt, and you can always join them on their special journeys! They always explore new diving spots, and always have a place to go. They’re already heading to Abu Galoum this Wednesday, and to Sharm at the end of this month.

    3. Red Sea Diving Safari

    This place doesn’t just focus on the diving; they help you enjoy a full adventure, in the sea and out of it. Actually, they have a workshop this month that teaches you all about shooting films in water. How cool is that?

    4. Scuba Seekers

    Dahab is famous for its blue holes, and its colourful coral branches, we all know that much. We also know that Scuba Seekers are so into Dahab. They are located there, and serve the best exploring experience deep inside Dahab waters.

    5. Navig8


    Navig8 is not just in Egypt, it’s all over the world, and this can only pay testament to how professional they are. They hold events everywhere, and the upcoming one is in Ras Mohamed, no need to tell you about its beauty! Head to their page and enjoy beautiful pictures from their diving adventures. Or, you might as well pack your bag, and take the first bus to Dahab.

    By Sara Mosharef