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  • CGuides: Hit These Venues for an Unforgettable World Cup Experience!


    The one thing that brings Egyptians together without them throwing fists at each other is when their National Team is playing a match! But, have you ever thought about how to gather all of them in one place other than the street? Well, some venues are hosting the biggest screens, and boast the most spacious of settings!


    1) City Stadium

    First off, City Stars has set aside a huge space designed for everyone who wants to watch the World Cup matches; they call it City Stadium! City Stadium is like the largest open-air café we’ve ever seen, with an even larger screen, comfortable chairs, and tables. They’ve got food, drinks, shisha and everything you’ll ever need when you’re cheering for the team. In other words, they’ll serve you everything you can dream of, and all you will have to do is cheer, and cheer, and just keep on cheering.

    This venue has already been open for a while, some people watched the Champions League there, and it didn’t fail their expectations, they loved it! Even in Ramadan, City Stadium, every once in a while, tries to spread its Ramadan vibes, and has got some unique performances for you to enjoy, like Mahmoud El Leithy and Mostafa Hagag.

    For reservations, call 0111 557 2222.


    2) Wust El Balad Stadium

    Don’t think because Ramadan is about to end, your favourite tent will! No, Wust El Balad Tent will remain standing; the Nile Ritz-Carlton just twisted its name to Wust El Balad Stadium, because it’s turning to a mini stadium. Everyone will definitely enjoy it because it has got plenty of screens so you don’t miss a kick. If you’re short or tall, with your friends or alone, you’ll get to watch every second of the match.

    For reservations, call +02 101 695 5555. 


    3) Cairo Festival City World Cup Arena

    Suspense is the main way to attract anyone, and that’s exactly what Cairo Festival City Mall has done! They posted a couple of posts to inform us that even if we can’t travel to Russia, they will be happily bringing it to us. Later, they told us that they will host a massive arena with one massive 6*4m screen just to make you feel like you’re inside the match itself. We cannot yet grasp how big their screen is going to be, but it is going to be huge! All the singing, the cheering, and World Cup vibes will be there! Because they assure us that there will be bands, football freestylers, and cheering props for your entertainment.  You’ll need reservation and it’s 100LE per ticket, but it’s totally worth it. The place can only host 4,000, so hurry up and reserve your seats.


    4) Cairo Jazz Club 610

    Also, our favourite spot, CJC 610, is preparing the biggest spot for you to watch The World Cup with all the drinks you’ve been missing in this dry month. Cairo Jazz Club 610 has been everyone’s absolute favourite for a while now, and we’re not surprised that it didn’t miss on such an occasion. It’s going to be open all day long during the matches. You will enjoy the food, the drinks, the ambience, and you can party afterwards too if we win; or if you want to drown your sorrows. Your dream is coming true, right?

    For reservations, call 01008111330.


    5) Bus Stop – Sahl Hashish


    Elsewhere, in Sahl Hashish, Bus Stop is taking care of your entertainment! Being this far away isn’t an obstacle anymore because Bus Stop will be having one huge space for you to watch the matches. So you can now party there and also set your football lover free, all in one place. The tournament begins on the 14th and Bus Stop is all ready!

    For reservations, call 0128 215 2525.

    6) Sodic’s Olympia

    Imagine watching your favourite team play in the world cup against formidable teams before the soothing sounds of the waves, the serene quiet of anticipation and the white sandy beaches. Sodic are bringing Olympia to the North Coast this year, a mini-stadium with a capacity for 500 patriotic fans, a bar, live entertainment and gourmets.  

    For reservations, call 01115318943 or 01115318975.


    Now you know where to go to watch the first match (and every match), and you can take whoever you want with you. Some of them can even host thousands of those you love (Tesa3 mn El Habyb Alf). Yes, we said that!

    By Sara Mosharef