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  • CGuides: 7 Fitness Sessions to Keep You Fit in Sahel

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    Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice. And we know if you’re one of those people, you wouldn’t want to lose any muscle mass, no matter where you are! That’s why we’re making it a lot easier for you, with a full list of all the places that host different fitness sessions.

     1.       Befit

    Befit doesn’t actually need an introduction, if you don’t know it then don’t read the list. No we’re joking, read it anyway! It’s now in Hacienda Bay and Hacienda White.

     2.       Transformers Fitness Center

    This one is located in the Club House in Marassi, and they have got a selection of classes oriented towards every single person! No matter what you’re into, this is a place to crush some weights and get your heart racing. They’ve got boxing, Cross Fit, dancing, power lifting, and more.

     3.       Hit Egypt

    This is where you hit hard! Hit Egypt is located in Telal, and it delivers different fitness programs for everyone. They also promise a different experience with a beautiful beach view.

     4.       Ignite Egypt

    One of the most challenging programs in Cairo is heading to the North Coast! Ignite Egypt serves the best workouts through endless hours of fun and games. They are located in Bo Islands.

     5.       Eden Wellness

    Beach is all about relaxation and there’s no better way to relax than Yoga. Eden Wellness is in Telal and they are ready to spread the good vibes.

     6.       Pole Fit

    One more unique experience is on our list. Have you ever tried pole, hoop, or flexibility classes? If you have, you’d understand why we love them so much. Pole Fit is located in Seashell Playa.

     7.       Zen.k Studio

    This one offers the best Yoga and Zumba classes! They’re famous enough to never need a description. You can now find them in Ghazala Bay, specifically at Martin’s Beach.

    By Sara Mosharef