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    The celeberity is the P5


    The celebrity in this case is not David Beckham, i mean he is just a multi million soccer player with his own perfume and scent, a trophy wife and who knows maybe even own underwear line …..  ! but the celebrity sighting  is those beautiful B&W p5 headsets hanging on beckhams neck! … yes recently i have became addicted to this BRAND ,Bowers & Wilkins, the more i research about them the more i am in love with them and the more i cant understand why anyone would go for other headphones, like i see DJs with other brands where most of the money that it costs goes to the marketing aspect of the brand more than the quality… B&W goes to the quality, and with my 2 month ago purchase of the C5 i am so in love that i order the zeplin air from Archimedia !! (its the big speakers that i can play music off my iphone wirelessly ) … will let you know how did that work when they  arrive home though :)