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  • Catch the Champions League Final Live Stream For Free


    No matter where you are, what you’re doing or how much money you have in your pocket, you’ll be able to live stream the Champions League final for free.

    The Champions League final as many of you already know, will be between Liverpool and Real Madrid on the 26th of May. While people were waiting in anticipation, BT Sport announced that they will stream the match live on YouTube for Free. Is Ramadan doing its magic already or what?

    Mohamed Salah fans all over the world and especially Egypt will be over the moon when they hear about this news, because they finally get to watch their idol without having to pay anything or going anywhere. You can watch it on your phone/laptop/tablet in bed, in a cosy family gathering; basically whenever and wherever over the festivities of Ramadan.

    Keep in mind, our Egyptian pride Mo Salah was the reason for Liverpool to be qualified for the final in 10 years, so he needs all the cheering he can get from us. So, recharge your phone or your laptop, make sure your internet is working and just enjoy the match!
    By Sara Mosharef