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    Red & Black of our flag fighting


    Red & Black of our flag fighting

    Firstly, Do you know what the colors of the Egyptian Flag means … well here is something off the internet “Red is Egyptian hardness, and bravery at war, black is Determination, white is peace and honesty, and a shield over a golden eagle”

    Secondly, btw the image above i created but i didnt draw the cats i copied them and colored them

    Now onto to the main topic. With the second round coming up and the dostor being formed, who here feels like we are caught in the middle of a political CAT FIGHT ?

    If Morsi wins he will scandalize the army with everything they have, and try to DEPOWER them. If Shafeek wins, he will start putting the brother back in jail (where they belong)

    Last morning one of the founders of Naqeshny.com posted a status that got me and apperantly a lot of people thinking

    We are left with choosing between someone from the old regime or a member of the muslim brotherhood. A coincidence? i dont think so. This is all role played so that people will obviously chose the clear alternative to the Islamists. Once people vote for the alternative they will come out and say we chose him, even though i dont think we had a choice or a say. Ahmed Shafiq is egypts next president with or without your vote. The of course the MB will create extreme chaos in the street because they are hungry for power and then they will be locked up by the new government and the new government will be our heros. This is politics being played at its dirtiest.
    There might be truth to it, but i cant help that within this fight, no one would enter it unless they know they have a chance. Why else would the brotherhood invest millions into a guy who cant speak if his life depended on it. Probably because they know there is hope for them to win.
    And me, yes the fight between Ikhawn and Military is not my fight. My fight is gettng Hamdeen, Moussa or Baradie. However, that being said i believe i have a choice to make either Morsi or Shafeek, so I have to suck it up and go vote.
    I personally think not voting is the easy way out, because that way you clear conscious if Shafeek wins, or if Morsi wins, but i dont believe that his election even if we all abstained from it will not go ahead, unless by some weird miracle, they both die.
    This is not our fight, but we have to choose a side, sitting idle like what the 50% did in the first round, is what got us in this mess in the first place.