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  • Casual Monday got DESHKREYed!


    WTF is DeshKrey

    When the young’uns start a phenomena, they really take it to the  extreme and have fun with it. Somehow i dont know who did start this but i am assuming MFL & Kharma, and they came up with this phenomena called Deshkrey …. ? now what is DESHKREY, god knows ? but what was fascinating, when unusual Casual monday, got on a big screen projected on it the picture of THE AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN YOU FRIENDS DONT KNOW WHAT DESHKREY IS ?

    now i dont know what deshkrey is yet or what this internal joke is, or how it became so viral… but i can only assume its to do with the a way of life, to find your deshkrey ! Whatever that is …. whats even more amusing, is to see one of the owners of tamari change his status to DESHKREY !!! it even infected the older generation !

    what do you think Deshkrey is ? do you this it comes from THAT SHIT IS CREY, because that was my first instinct but it is not! leave your comments below