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  • Careem: Easy, Breezy On-Demand Taxi Service Arrives in Cairo & Sahel


    Cairo is a wonderful city, full of twists and turns and surprises at every corner. Unfortunately, karma, fate or just sheer luck – or lack thereof – means that not all said surprises are pleasant ones, especially when it comes to navigating the city’s thorny roads.

    While more and more taxi services popping up and toiling to address this most desperate of problems, Careem arrives in Egypt with a reputation for efficiency, unfussiness and quality.

    Having launched in Dubai in 2012, Careem has, in becoming the number one on-demand car app in the region, spread to a further 15 cities across the Middle East and North Africa, including Beirut, Casablanca, Doha, Cairo and, most excitingly, Sahel amongst others, with the service becoming a go-to for individuals and businesses alike, though Careem’s easy-to-use app, available on Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry.

    My Other Car is a Benz

    Careem’s biggest appeal is how customisable everything seemingly is. Customers can choose between economy, business or first class car-type, with the latter typically providing an E Class Mercedes Benz.

    Cash or Card?

    What separates Careem from other taxi services is that it responds to and works towards its growing fan base, with several different options offered to customers. Aside from being able to book a ride both immediately and in the future, Careem gives you the choice of paying with cash in addition to paying via card – and if you don’t have change, the remaining money can be credited to an account and used later. Furthermore, the fares equate to what you would pay with a white taxi – luxury for less.

    Now vs Later!


    To continue serving the different needs of communities across the Middle East – and because Careem knows how hard it is to be punctual Cairo – they have yet another convenient service up their sleeves. Not only can you book a car to come to you right away, you can also schedule a car for a later. Careem takes punctuality seriously as can be seen by the service’s ‘Airport Promise’, which states that if your car to the aiport is more than five minutes late in arriving to you, the ride is on them – completely free. That’s the kind of commitment to punctuality that only Cairo taxis can dream of.

    Safety First

    One of the cornerstones of Careem’s continuing popularity is its codes of safety and its commitment to protecting the wellbeing of its customers. An example of this is the fact that Careem is the only private car provider that offers child car seats on request – a feature that has only served to make it even more popular. This particular feature is so popular, in fact, that Careem went on to develop a specialised service; choosing the ‘Careem Kids’ option in the car type option affords customers a universal child’s seat that is suitable for children up to the age of 11 and a specially-trained driver.

    Taxi El Sa7el

    The biggest Careem news as we move into summer is that the service will be operating across the North Coast. With Cairenes looking to let loose after the dormancy of Ramadan, the roads will be busy and more, often than not, drivers are under some form of distraction. Careem is set to make things easier, and more importantly, safer for holidaymakers.

    And to celebrate their arrival on the North Coast, Careem is offering a special first-come-first-served rate for trips from Cairo to Sahel on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th of July - down from 700LE to 300LE.

    For more information on Careem, click here.

    By Cairo Gossip