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  • Capoeira Roadshow to Launch in Zamalek


    Combining martial arts, dance, acrobatics and music, Capoeira isn’t new to Cairo; in fact, its initial cult following in Egypt has continued to grow and some may even argue that it has become as prolific as other alternative fitness pursuits such as yoga and pilates – I mean, what other organised event outside of Cairo’s bars and clubs encourages you to flail your limbs so wildly?

    Proof of Capoeira’s increasing popularity comes in the form of a huge roadshow of sorts that is set to launch in Zamalek’s Aquarium Grotto Garden this Saturday (March 8th).

    As the collaborative brainchild of Olorum Bahia Capoeira EgyptCapoeira Brazil and Capoeira Coquinho Baiano, the monthly roadshow is aiming to spread the good word of Capoeira to the masses in Cairo.

    In addition to some basic training for newcomers, each event will be sealed with a big Roda - a huge performance performed in a circle of music, clapping hands and good vibes.

    While Capoeira can - understandably - seem a little intimidating, the organisers are welcoming beginners with open arms; the only catch is that you have to wear a white t-shirt.

    For more info on the roadshow, click here