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    So i was in a meeting, some how our conversation went from work to  talking about civil disobedience,  naturally. Well,  the lady in the meeting argued something very interesting actually.

    She argued, so what we are going to civil disobey by doing what? not paying electricity ? gas ? not going to work for one day ? how does that affect the country, how does the get our message, plus its not like as if we are paying our taxes in full ! or as if we pay electricity on that tuesday in particular!  her point is if you want to civil disobey, then do it where it hurts !

    stop the SUEZ CANAL FOR A DAY, stop EgyptAir for a day, stop the metro, the trains, bring the country to a complete stand still for a day.

    At first i was sort of against her, what we are doing is enough, because this is the civil disobedience that gandhi preached…

    but the more i thought of it… with people like ikhwan, thugs and bullies like them, who are politically bullying us into a trap… maybe thats what will work !

    For us to get our message to morsi… we need to THINK BIG !! We need the bring metro, public transport, suez, airlines,  everything to a halt for a day !!! now that would be effective ! but can we actually do it ? and if who can organize such a thing of this size  !

    [ p.s picture above is not mine  i took from this blog that talks about 120 methods of civil disobedience http://peterlachnewinsky.wordpress.com/2010/09/17/120-methods-of-non-violent-civil-disobedience/ ]