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  • Can this revolution work ?


    Okay, we need to admit some things first, we need to see why the first revolution had succeeded.

    1- There was a military backing, which we dont have any right now.

    2- There was huge numbers, who constantly stayed, which we dont have any now.

    3- There was international media, coverage which now we dont have much for

    4- Believe it or not, we had the Ikhwan on our side, they provided huge numbers, they provided masses, they provided people to stay in the Midan El Tahrir, while we went to work

    5- I believe and always will believe the catalyst to the revolution was two incidents, Cutting off the phone lines and camel incident.

    6- Ikhwan has funded the 25th of jan revolution, they provided blankets, food, water and other basic nessicties to the people in the midan

    and NOW ?

    When walking in the midan yesterday, i was happy to see families, mums and all walks of life in it. However there was a lot missing, there might have been a unity with Moussa, Baradie & Hamdeen, but was there within the people ? Was there one clear message ? No! was the numbers huge ? No, there was a lot of people which is a good sign, but ti could have been bigger, remember jan 28!

    Did a huge number stay over night ? Not really, why because people who were there had to go back to their lives. Back in JAN25 the people that stayed were the ikhwanjia.

    Do we have any MILITARY backing, which is by far one of the most important elements to make this revolution work … ? No we don’t !

    So what to do !

    1. Do NOT stop protesting… keep going back to el Midan,

    2. Take with you supplies, whether food or other wise..

    3.  Posting messages on facebook and twitter could be very helpful and informative, hell i get a lot of information from there, but guys go out do more.

    4. Now girls, i understand that some of you your parents might worry about you going out, or for some odd reason or another, you cant leave… there are other ways you can help. MORAL.  its very important ! we need to keep the MORAL up, the support, and that is by things other than facebook. Put a flag in your balcony  go out side of your balcony and scream IR7AL IR7AL !!! trust me that little thing out of a balacony would motivate people to leave  !