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  • Cairogossip goes mobile!

    CairoGossip Mobile

    CairoGossip Mobile

    As you all might have known my website is developed by the good folks in MO4, who have been providing them tremendous help on maintaining my website, and we are embarking on a bit of emprovements, first of which a mobile compatible version of the blog ! no this isnt a new mobile application we are talking about, however we are taking about making the blog mobile compatable but thats not all ! typically in mobile sites, you didnt have the social share buttons, but MO4 has worked and well in CairoGossip blow now you have the social Media Buttons !!

    p.s. if there any picture on it that you like you can simply click on it and it shall be enlarged automatically and you get the full high resolution one

    Stay tuned as more updates will be coming up soon sprucing up the website … enhancing your gossip experience !