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    CairoGossip is launching a new service, its a Newsletter, and this is newsletter is going to be like a weekly or every two weeks, only on rare occasion you would get it twice a week. Don’t worry about privacy, at CairoGossip we promise that we will not give away your email not now not ever, and we guarantee that no body can subscribe your email with out your consent, because well we do here something called a double verification, which is once you subscribe you get a verification email to make sure that it is you who subscribed not anyone else.

    So what will this newsletter contain, think of it as a DIGEST of the gossip, round up, to links to the blog, and maybe even exclusive gossip and tibbits before anyone else :)  …. so subscribe below … but also if you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them below so i can take them in consideration when building the first newsletter

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