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  • Cairo University Students in Huge Paintball Tournament


    I’m not sure why, but nothing gives me more pleasure than the thought of young, hopeful, wide-eyed Egyptians shooting each other in the face while running around looking like something out of that one first-person war shooting game thing that everyone seems to love.

    That’s why I’ve put my name to the upcoming Idea Paintball Tournament for Private Universities in what is shaping up to be closest thing to that one book-turned-film where kids have to kill each other to survive, that everyone seems to love.

    The tournament is actually quite cool; students from the German University in Cairo, Future University, Misr International University, Ahram Canadian University, Canadian International College and the Arab Academy for Science & Technology are invited to to take part in first-round qualifiers against each other. The winners from each university will then be pit against each other in the finals to fight for educational institution-based pride. This battle for the ages is set to begin at GUC on Sunday 16th of March, before moving onto the other participating universities across the next six week or so. You can find more info here.

    In true media sponsorship spirit, I'd like to give a shout out to the other sponsors.

    TE Data (I owe them Money)

    C&Co. (I shop there all the time, obviously)

    Molto (My breakfast most days of the week)

    TBS The Bakery Shop (Yum)

    Nola Cupcakes (Double yum)

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    The Dome Magazine (It's free, so I like it)