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  • Cairo Tattoo Expo: Nowhere Land Champions the Art of Tattoos with First-of-a-Kind Event


    More than just rhyming ever-so-slightly, the words tattoo and taboo have forever been intertwined in Egypt.  They roam hand-in-hand in the wilderness, taking shelter together from the peering eyes of Egypt’s maddening, inconsistent and, quite often,  nonsensical social norms.

    This is all despite the fact that Cairo’s tattoo community, so to speak, continues to grow as more and more as top-notch local tattoo artists and parlours emerge, ready to help you piss your parents off. 

    One such champion of ink is Zamalek’s Nowhere Land who are set to host Egypt’s first organised tattoo expo on the weekend of Friday 19th of December.

    The two-day event is set to welcome some of Egypt’s best tattoo artists as well as a handful from further ashore, all of whom will be cocked, locked and ready to load on the canvas that is your body. But more than just a tattoo-orgy, the expo has been conceived as a meeting of minds; a social event for both tattoo aficionados and tattoo novices, as Orne Gil and the folk at Nowhere Land proudly and enthusiastically state.

    "The event is to let people who are thinking of having tattoos see for themselves how the tattoos are done and get to talk with the artists, learn and pretty much research what they're getting themselves into."

    The expo has been a longtime coming and the increasing popularity of marking sentiments of ranging sincerity via a vibrating needle has given impetus to Gil and co.

    'We've been wanting to plan it for two years, but never found the right time. Now, since tattoos are becoming popular, people are more aware of them and tattoos are somewhat viewed as an art form, we thought it's the perfect time for it."

    With drinks, music and a general jolliness awaiting, this is apparently just the beginning.

    "We're planning to have an ever bigger event next year and hopefully have even more artists and some famous ones, too."

    The Cairo Tattoo Expo is set to take place on December 18th & 19th at the Nowhere Land Studio in Zamalek (2 Taha Hussen St./Ismail Mohamed St., Tower 1, Beside Pizza Mia). Click here for more info.